This video covers three unique supplements that are not traditionally thought of as fat burning supplements but will supercharge your fat burning and lean muscle gains.

Troy breaks down the science of why these three supplements help you burn fat and get ripped much quicker than stimulant-based fat burners. These three unique supplements offer a long-term solution to staying lean and reducing body fat levels.

Pre-Workout Powder

Your workout intensity is the X factor for getting ripped six-pack abs and changing your body composition. If you are going to spend 30-40 dollars a month on a supplement for burning fat, make sure it’s a top-notch pre-workout powder. Troy discusses why a strong pre-workout powder is a great fat burning supplement in this video.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein powder is another excellent fat burning supplement. Casein protein is slow digesting and will keep you full throughout the day and help fight off sugar cravings. Watch the video as Troy dives deep into why casein protein powder is one of the best fat burning supplements.

Yohimbe HCL

Yohimbe is a strong all-natural stimulant that is light on your wallet and heavy on burning fat. Yohimbe is one of the most effective all-natural fat burners. Watch the video to find out how to take Yohimbe for maximum fat burning effects.

Troy Adashun

Troy Adashun is a graduate of World Renown Sports Academy IMG in Bradenton, FL where he has trained alongside many top professional athletes.

Troy is currently living in Florida and spends his time writing, working as a fitness model, shooting educational fitness videos, and doing online coaching at

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