Coming to you from Hollywood Hills, fitness model Troy Adashun reveals the fastest way to get abs in his 5-part fail-proof blueprint. This 5-part blueprint reveals how to burn fat fast and reveal those ripped and shredded six-pack abs.

Train Your Abs With Resistance

The first step is to train your abs with resistance. If you want to burn stomach fat fast, you have to put resistance and overload on your abdominal muscles. Your abs are a muscle group, and just like your biceps, they respond best with heavy resistance training.

Compound Exercises At Least 3x Per Week

The second step to getting ripped six-pack abs is to perform compound exercise movements. Compound exercise movements will help you burn fat fast because they have the biggest anabolic effect.

Burning fat fast starts with training your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups since this will naturally increase your testosterone and HGH, which will be vital for body transformation. The fastest way to get abs is not high repetition training; it’s heavy compound exercises!

Follow A Structured Workout Program

If you want shredded six-pack abs, you need to follow a structured workout plan. This will keep you focused and on track and help you shed excess body fat rapidly. The fastest way to get abs means that you are holding yourself accountable for taking action daily in the gym and with your diet. Burn fat fast with a structured fat loss program that will keep you on track.

Carbohydrate Timing

Carbohydrate timing is crucial for your fat loss results and shedding unwanted stomach fat. Carbohydrates get a bad reputation when it comes to diet and nutrition, but it is the timing of carbohydrates that will make or break your fat loss results. Burning fat fast starts with proper carbohydrate timing.

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is by far the most powerful form of fat loss. HIIT will blast your fast twitch muscle fibers, which turns your body into a fat-burning machine and helps you transform your body rapidly.

Troy Adashun

Troy Adashun is a graduate of World Renown Sports Academy IMG in Bradenton, FL where he has trained alongside many top professional athletes.

Troy is currently living in Florida and spends his time writing, working as a fitness model, shooting educational fitness videos, and doing online coaching at

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