Here are 4 mistakes that guys make that prevent them from getting ripped abs. Getting ripped abs starts with the proper muscle building and fat loss strategy. If you want six-pack abs and a great beach body, then there’s no one better to take advice from than a working fitness model!

This video will help you learn unique philosophies for burning fat and building muscle as well as open your eyes to some common mistakes that you’re probably making.

Many guys wonder how to get ripped fast, and this video unleashes a plethora of unique information on attaining ripped abs.

Troy is an expert on getting ripped abs and a great beach body.

Mistake #1: Drinking Too Many Calories

If you want to get ripped abs, you need to STOP drinking your calories. In this video, Troy explains how crafting a beach body and a ripped physique has just as much to do with what you drink as what you eat.

Mistake #2: Wrong Kind Of Cardio

If you want to burn fat and get ripped abs, you need to stop doing the boring slow twitch cardio and ramp up your fat loss with fast twitch cardio! Doing sprint intervals and fast twitch muscle cardio will get you ripped abs and help you sculpt an incredible beach body.

Mistake #3: Poor Macronutrient Timing

Poor macronutrient timing is the culprit to fat gains and slow muscle recovery. If you want to get ripped and have a shredded beach body, proper nutrition timing is key to maximize fat-burning and muscle-building hormones.

Mistake #4: Not Enough Compound Exercises

Not doing compound exercises is another fatal six-pack abs mistake that many guys make. You want to maximize your anabolic hormones by doing the exercises that allow you to put the most overload on your body.

Troy Adashun

Troy Adashun is a graduate of World Renown Sports Academy IMG in Bradenton, FL where he has trained alongside many top professional athletes.

Troy is currently living in Florida and spends his time writing, working as a fitness model, shooting educational fitness videos, and doing online coaching at

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