Men who are seeking ripped six-pack abs think that carbohydrates are going to prevent them from getting ripped, but this is the furthest thing from the truth.

In this video, you will learn how utilizing the diet of “carbohydrate cycling” is going to boost a crucial fat loss hormone and help you use insulin to your advantage by helping you increase lean muscle mass at one time of the day and utilizing it as a fat burning tool at another time of the day.

Troy says that carbohydrate cycling is not only a diet that works to lose belly fat, but he also uses it to get fitness-model ready before a photo shoot.

The first reason that carbohydrate cycling works well is that it boosts a crucial fat loss hormone called leptin. When you cycle your carbohydrate intake at various amounts throughout the week, your body will not get accustomed to the same amount of glycogen each day.

You should keep your carbohydrate intake at around 1 gram per day for 6 days of the week and use a carbohydrate “re-feed” day when you consume double the amount of carbohydrates as usual.

This not only has a really powerful anabolic effect that will help you build lean muscle mass and lose belly fat fast but will also boost this crucial fat loss hormone and keep your metabolism churning along.

Carbohydrate cycling is crucial on the other 6 days of the week when you are trying to lose belly fat fast and get six-pack abs.

You want to make sure that your insulin levels are low for the majority of the day as this will translate into fat burning! The only time of the day you want to consume carbohydrates is at breakfast to “break your fast” and turn your body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state and before and after your workouts.

Training with no carbohydrates and low muscle glycogen will prevent you from training at your peak intensity and building lean muscle mass, so it’s crucial to consume slow digesting carbohydrates around this time.

You also want to consume simple sugars to boost your insulin levels immediately following a workout, as this has a highly anabolic effect on your body and will help you boost lean muscle mass.

Gaining lean muscle mass will help you lose belly fat fast, and spiking your insulin post workout is crucial to build lean muscle mass and get jacked!

Carbohydrate cycling is a diet that works effectively for losing belly fat fast and revealing ripped six-pack abs.

If you want to lose weight quickly, give it a try!

Troy Adashun

Troy Adashun is a graduate of World Renown Sports Academy IMG in Bradenton, FL where he has trained alongside many top professional athletes.

Troy is currently living in Florida and spends his time writing, working as a fitness model, shooting educational fitness videos, and doing online coaching at

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